Spring Snow

Ok, so we are in the middle of March and it is snowing? What is going on?! Although I'm not complaining, I love the snow.. it looks so crisp and perfect that it's too pretty not to like. 

This weekend we were staying in a Cottage at the top of a hill in Crickhowell and to our surprise we were greeted by lots and lots of snow. What better way to enjoy the snow than looking down over the valley and being surrounded by hills in every direction. 

couple up welsh mountains
mountain views
girl looking over welsh countryside
sisters in the snow

There was however one problem. The nearest town was a three mile walk and there was no chance that we would get our cars down the steep decline. So, we got geared up with numerous layers, gloves, scarfs, the whole shabang and we headed on our morning walk. 

A few slips, trips and bumps later we made it successfully to the bottom ready to pack our bags full with snacks for the next few days and some much deserved pub grub. 

boy looking over welsh countryside
girl and dog with mountain view
couple playing in snow
mum and sister in snow