Sugar Loaf Sunrise

Most people are probably just arriving home from a night in Cardiff at 4am but this weekend that's the time I was in fact waking up. For weeks I had wanted to see sunrise from Sugar Loaf so when we seen that the weather was looking promising we packed up our kit, put on several layers and headed to the mountain.

Now, I've never hiked in the dark and it was quite a challenge especially when I have never walked up Sugar Loaf before. We made it up in about an hour after stopping a few times to check on our map that we were actually on a path! 

Eventually, we made it to the top where we were greeted with a 15 minute snow storm before we rested ourselves in a small cul de sac and watched the magnificent sunrise. Without a doubt it was definitely worth it & at least we were kitted up with all the gear (just not much idea!).


Tintern Abbey

For Christmas my sister and brother-in-law bought me and Max the Lonely Planet Top 500 places to visit book. As soon as I got it I was obsessed - a beautifully well organised book with incredible pictures and a well laid out design. I have so far spotted one mistake (obviously looking at it far too closely but that's in my nature) but I won't spoil it for you!

As soon as we got it we began bookmarking all the places we could see this year for holidays or the 7 places that were in Wales that we could pop to on the weekends. 

This weekend was number 373 and we visited Tintern Abbey. I can't believe such an incredible structure is still in such good tact and also that I've never even passed it before when I've grown up 30 minutes down the road. 


Nash Point Sunsets

I woke up Sunday delighted by the bright blue sky that made a surprise appearance. Everyone knows that if the sun comes out in Wales you change all your plans to make sure that you make the most of this rare occurrence. We packed up the car with plenty of coats and blankets and headed down to the coastline. Despite the beautiful day it was still icy cold! 

We trekked up the hill and sat on the edge overlooking the drastic cliffs, majestic light house and peaceful shoreside. We wrapped ourselves up in blanket trying to block the crisp breeze and watched the majestic sun set in the distance.

How did you spend your Sunday?